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Get Ready for Active Portage County Events

Active Portage County hosts annual fitness events to promote healthy lifestyles to people of all ages. Mark your calendar for four of our fun hosted events:

  • Walk Wisconsin walking marathon under the summer sunshine each June along the Green Circle Trail.

  • Moon Walk Wisconsin each October following the Tomorrow River State Trail. (Biggest perk? Enjoying the natural beauty of the Tomorrow River State Trail under the light of the full moon!)

  • A new non-competitive hiking challenge called the Hard Rocks Hiking Challenge hosted at Standing Rocks County Park in September (when the fall foliage is at its peak).

  • The brand new non-competitive biking event PedaLoops hosted in May at Standing Rocks County Park. A.K.A. The Sore Butt Ride

Pack each season of your calendar with enough feel-good fitness endorphins to keep you going year round. Visit the events tab on our website for a complete list of year-round active events.

The Details:
  • During Walk Wisconsin in June there are four distance walking options to choose from, including the ¼ marathon (6.5 miles), half marathon (13.1 miles), ¾ marathon (19.6 miles) and full marathon (26.2 miles). There is also a Kids Walk Wisconsin option for children and their families that include a 2.62 mile or 1.31 mile walk.

  • Moon Walk Wisconsin is similar in set-up, but offers 12, 8 and 4 mile walking options along the limestone covered Tomorrow River State Trail. Lit pumpkins act as mile markers and sporting a costume during the walk is encouraged.

  • To pose an active challenge while capitalizing on the positive benefits of walking, the Hard Rocks Hiking Challenge was born. Take in the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes at Standing Rocks while pushing yourself on breathtakingly challenging hiking routes with 8K (5.2 miles) and 12K (8.3 mile) distance options.

  • PedaLoops is being added in the spring of 2016 to introduce biking as a lower-impact, cardiovascular activity that is easy on joints. Multiple biking loop options at Standing Rocks County Park act as the perfect place to break out your bike for the first ride of spring.

Events featured on the Active Portage County website allow all ages and ability levels to participate in non-competitive, multiple distance fitness opportunities. Each of our events encourages people to live healthy lifestyles all year long.

Did you know that walking, hiking and biking are effective ways to improve personal health, lower stress and encourage weight loss? In addition to numerous positive health benefits, these activities are a great way to pass the time with family and friends. John Jury, an Active Portage County Committee member, agrees. ” Participating in each event we host is a great way for families and friends to spend quality time together while improving their health.”

Set yourself up for success! Training schedules and registration forms for Walk Wisconsin, Moon Walk Wisconsin, Hard Rocks Hiking Challenge and PedaLoops are available at ActivePortageCounty.com. A full calendar of events that promote healthy living is available at here.

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